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When most people think of motor vehicle accidents, they imagine scenes involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles that often occur across American highways. However, many do not realize that boating accidents are a prevalent form of motor vehicle accidents in the United States.

The US Coast Guard recently reported 4,291 accidents that caused 2,620 injuries and 658 deaths in just one year. Though Louisiana is filled with waterways that are great for recreational boating activity, the potential for negligence to cause an accident is high.

Boating accidents occur when people are negligent while operating a motor vehicle on open waters. These accidents can cause serious injuries such as brain damage, spinal cord injuries, amputation, and more. When the accident is severe enough, a fun time out on the water quickly turns to tragedy with fatalities and serious injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured in a New Orleans boating accident, you need an attorney that can be your advocate. For more than 25 years, Tony Clayton has helped his clients get hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts to help them rebuild their bodies and their lives.

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What Causes Boat Accidents?

Boat accidents are caused by a variety of reasons. However, the unique conditions that boats operate in produce a set of causes that are prevalent throughout Louisiana waters.

Causes of boat accidents include:

  • Alcohol: In 2017, intoxication was the leading factor in fatal boating accidents.
  • Lack of Lifejackets: Those that lost their lives in boating accidents were killed by drowning 76 percent of the time. Of those that died, 84.5 percent were not wearing a lifejacket.
  • Lack of Safety Standards: The standard requirements for those that wish to operate a boat are far less strict than those needed to drive a car. In many states, boat licenses are either not required or a simple, quick, and unthorough safety class is the only requirement to operate a boat.
  • Conditions: Boats behave much differently than cars. This means that inexperienced operators often fail to properly compensate for conditions on the water. Unsafe speeds, improper stopping distances, and dangerous maneuvers are all too common on the water.

Receive Compensation with the Help of a New Orleans Boating Accident Attorney

The most frustrating aspect about boating accidents is the fact that each one is preventable and was caused by the negligent decisions of a person. The causes listed above are all unnecessary and avoidable when a responsible person operates a boat. As a result, those that are injured from boating accidents must be compensated for their pain and suffering by the negligent parties. No one deserves to have a fun day of boating turned into an event that negatively impacts the rest of their life.

At Tony Clayton & Associates, we take a client-first approach to our personal injury cases. Clients often face a mountain of difficulty including pain, the loss of wages, a lengthy recovery, and a lifetime of doctor’s appointments. When you come to Tony Clayton & Associates, you will receive the attention of a Louisiana-based law firm that places your needs above everything else. We believe that you deserve compensation and will be your advocate through every step of the personal injury claim process. We will fight for your best settlement, and if your case goes to court, we will build an aggressive case to force the other party to take responsibility.

Start your recovery by calling our New Orleans boat accident attorneys at (504) 608-3211. Consultation is free, and you do not pay unless we win your case.

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