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Life-Changing Verdicts & Settlements

Tony Clayton & Associates has won hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients, including some of the largest and most notable verdicts in Louisiana history. When you need someone to have your back, call Tony Clayton.

  • $171 Million
    Plant Explosion

    In a story that made national headlines, our firm fought for a group of plant workers who survived a massive plant explosion. The defendant refused to settle with our clients, despite overwhelming evidence that the defendant caused the disaster; only after facing us in court did the defendant settle with our clients for $171 million.

  • $117 Million
    Spinal Injury

    Tony Clayton won the largest single-injury verdict in Louisiana for a pregnant mother who called an ambulance when she was experiencing mysterious pain. On their way to the hospital, the driver took his eyes off the road and collided with a sugar cane truck. To pay for her significant medical needs, we sued the ambulance company and won her family $117 million.

  • $37 Million
    Amputation Accident

    Our firm fought for a floating dock worker whose leg was crushed in a horrifying accident. There were 17 surgical attempts to save his leg, only for it to be amputated above the knee. We were proud to hold the at-fault company accountable and get this man $37 million for his past and future needs.

  • $27 Million
    Industrial Disaster

    Our clients were four hard-working plant employees who were caught in an explosion that killed 2 and harmed nearly 100 more people. The investigation revealed that the cause was a faulty part that could have been repaired for $5 and 5 minutes. Instead, management ignored the problem until their workers paid the price. Our firm was proud to get these men nearly $14 million to pay for their past and future medical costs, lost wages, and quality of life.

  • $16 Million
    Plant Explosion

    In 2016, our firm represented 4 plant explosion survivors who received a collective verdict of $16 million from the jury. We proved that the explosion (and the harm that our clients experienced) could have been prevented for $5 and some effort on the owner’s part, but the company’s oversight cost lives and livelihoods. We were proud to help our clients fight for the recovery they needed.

  • $11.9 Million
    Bicycle Injury

    Our client was riding a bicycle when he was struck at high speed by a motor vehicle. The resulting collision left him with a skull fracture and a traumatic brain injury. Our firm fought on behalf of our client against multiple defendants, ultimately securing a verdict of $11.9 million. Most of the verdict was awarded to help with our client’s significant future medical expenses.

  • $11 Million
    Truck Accident

    Our firm represented a woman who was struck head-on in a collision involving two dump trucks. As a result, she suffered a catastrophic spine injury that required a “level one” spine surgery. We were proud to get her a verdict of $11 million to ensure she would recover as much as humanly possible.

  • $5.4 Million
    Billboard Injury

    Our client accidentally ran a stop sign due to a billboard that was blocking her view. She suffered serious orthopedic injuries, but we were able to prove in court that the billboard owners and sign placement were at fault for our client’s injury. As a result, we secured $5.4 million to help her recover.

  • $3.8 Million
    Burn Injury

    Our client in this case was a little girl who suffered a burn injury due to negligent apartment management. She badly burned her foot after her hot water heater failed, requiring costly medical care and inhibiting her mobility. We were proud to uncover the apartment complex’s wrongdoing and get our client a $3.8 million verdict.

  • $117 Million
    Ambulance Accident

    Tony Clayton & Associates won an unprecedented $117 million verdict for a woman who was catastrophically injured in an ambulance accident while she was 7 months pregnant. The ambulance driver took his attention from the road and drove into the back of a sugar cane truck, leaving our client with spinal cord and brain injuries. In proving fault and the significance of our client's losses, we were able to secure a life-changing verdict that would ensure her and her family's care for life.

    (Suit No. 70538 Division D 18th JDC Parish of Iberville)

  • $51.5 Million
    Semi-Truck Accident

    $51.5 million jury verdict for a woman with severe injuries after being struck by a semi-truck.

    Suit No. 2012-10471, Division I-16, Civil District Court, Parish of Orleans.

  • $21.7 Million
    Brain Injury

    $21.7 million verdict in Iberville, brain injuries after fall.

    Source: Post South 5/17/2001 Docket #48,199, 18th JDC Parish of Iberville.

  • $18.5 Million
    Plant Explosion
    Our firm is proud to have helped secure an $18.5 million jury verdict against Williams Companies and Sabic Petrochemicals for the June 13, 2013 Williams Olefins plant explosion in Geismar, Louisiana. This marked the second lawsuit brought against the parties responsible for the explosion and fire, which claimed 2 lives and left 114 people injured.
  • $15.5 Million
    Plant Explosion
    Tony Clayton & Associates helped secure a $15,458,434.32 verdict for 4 workers who were injured in the Williams Olefins plant explosion that rocked Geismar, Lousiana on June 13, 2013. Our clients, who were contract laborers working on an expansion project at the time, were forced to run for their lives and sustained serious injuries. This $15.4 million verdict will go a long way in helping them rebuild and create brighter futures for themselves and their families.
  • $11.9 Million
    Motor Vehicle Accident

    $11.9 million jury verdict on behalf of a man with severe injuries caused by a preventable accident.

    Source: Docket #657,073, 19th JDC Parish of East Baton Rouge

  • $10.5 Million
    Personal Injury

    $10.5 million jury verdict for damage to a dock from runaway barges (CEMUS).

    Suit No. 531522 Section 25, 19th JDC Parish of East Baton Rouge.

  • $8.1 Million
    Motor Vehicle Accident

    $8.1 million jury verdict for a man who sustained serious injuries during a motor vehicle accident.

    Source: Docket #658,952, 19th JDC Parish of East Baton Rouge

  • $6.1 Million
    Burn Injury

    $6.1 million jury verdict for WBR man severely burned while on the job.

    Source: The Advocate 5/7/2002 Suit No. 30568 Division C 18th JDC Parish of West Baton Rouge.

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